My name is Miroslav Vojtek and I come from northwestern Bohemia. I am a husband and father of two children with whom we live in Prague. I have failed fishing at the age of four and I am currently working on most fishing styles!
I am the author of many fishing articles and the founder of the most watched online fishing competition ABOS 5ti BOJ. Since 2018, I have been providing professional guides to the Czech Republic.
I mostly deal with predator fishing, where I also test and represent for the Danish company Westin fishing.
But I also like to ride carp, tench or my favorite and realy strong sturgeon fish.
As one of the most adrenaline-fueled fishermen, I love night catfish because of their great fighting.
I travel around the Czech Republic for my dreams, but I have also visited many fishing destinations in Europe, Africa and South Asia.
I probably consider the huge 10 kg of brown trout crossed with marbled trout, which I caught in Slovenia, to be my most valuable catch. :-)