Trouts fishing

We would love to take you to the one of the most beautiful place in Czech Republic.

It is a beautiful 40 metres deep quarry called AVATOR. This undisturbed drinking water is a paradise for trouts

It is ideal for lovers of fly fishing and spinning fishing. You can do fishing from the bellyboat, kayak or boat.

We are prepared and able to rent you all needed fishing tackels for fishing these amazing predators.

In this district you can find rainbow trouts, brown trouts, american brook trouts and arctic brook trouts, but as well is good chance to catch perch, asp or chub.

Earlier the fishing was prohibited there so the water is really unique, we can even call it nature reserve.

Trout fishing has its own magic and we will make sure that you will leave with unforgettable experiences and beautiful photos.

As soon as you see the fish jumping one meter above the water surface you will never stop to love this fish species.